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Customer Success Story: BASE excels with Mobile Commerce

James MacTavish Blog

BASE, the third largest mobile telecommunications operator in Belgium was found to have the lowest consumer complaints for mobile commerce services of all the providers by an annual report from a mediation service. To read more about BASE Telecom’s excellent customer service, read more at: AppCarousel has been partners with BASE for over seven years providing the  operator with its …

A world with more IoT standards bodies than IoT standards IoT Agenda

A World with more IoT standards bodies than IoT standards

Terry Hughes Blog

Terry Hughes, Managing Director of AppCarousel explores the wild world of IoT standards in his guest post on TechTarget’s IoT Agenda network. From Open Connectors and Standards bodies to Consortia’s and Company’s with just plain industry muscle, follow Terry as he takes a look at 20 such initiatives and where they all fit in the great Internet of Things World! …

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5 Key IoT Developments at IoT Tech Expo and IoT Nexus

James MacTavish Blog

This years European IoT Tech Expo in London and IoT Nexus in San Francisco brought together some of the biggest companies in manufacturing, transport, health, logistics, government, energy, and automotive to discuss the latest innovations within the Internet of Things. From smart cities to connected living, one thing was clear; the potential of IoT is tangible. Here are the 5 …

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Why Cisco and Jasper’s Union Matters to IoT

James MacTavish Blog

Just last week one of the biggest acquisitions in the Internet of Things space took place when Cisco snatched up IoT lifecycle management solution provider, Jasper. The tech world is buzzing over the news and rightly so because here are the Top 5 reasons why this acquisition matters! 1) Jasper became a rare unicorn by actually meeting investor valuations with …

Cisco acquires Jasper for IoT

Cisco and Jasper – the lowdown on the IoT acquisition

Terry Hughes Blog

In a $1.4 Billion deal, last week Cisco acquired Jasper Technologies. What’s the skinny on the deal? Here goes… Jasper provides a platform to build connected devices on and deliver them to the market much more quickly and with less friction. Jasper is described as “Developers of an IoT cloud platform” so with Jasper, Cisco gets a company that understands the growing …

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The ISO 7-layer model for telecoms is alive and well 30 years on… in the connected car

James MacTavish Blog

Everyone has heard of the 7-layer dip shown in the picture above but only die-hards in the telecoms industry will have heard of the mysterious “ISO 7-layer model” for telecommunications networking. As an apprentice in 1985 I was one of the first students to be taught the 7-layer model (in the days when there was no internet, no TCP/IP, no …

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The battle to become the center of your connected home – insights from CES

Terry Hughes Blog

When we think about the connected home of tomorrow we assume that Google will be right there in the center with its OnHub smart WiFi router and its Nest intelligent thermostat. Or maybe Apple with its HomeKit initiative. But the battle for control of the smart home has only just begun, as evidenced at CES last week. From out in …


The Hottest Thing at CES and the GENIVI Showcase WASN’T a Product

James MacTavish Blog

Device Manufacturers and Automakers finally join the connected device ecosystem using IFTTT This year I had the opportunity to not only attend CES but also exhibit at the GENIVI Showcase event held nearby at the Trump Hotel. The GENIVI Showcase is an exclusive event allowing members of the GENIVI Alliance, a nonprofit industry consortium advancing the broad adoption of open …

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SOTA Security – lessons learned from IT and mobile

Terry Hughes Blog

(This article was featured in Smart Automotive Magazine’s Jan-Feb Edition.) Section 1. The case for the secure connected car It is inevitable that cars will be connected to the internet, whether it’s via built-in cellular modems or companion smartphones. In 2015, over 20% of all cars sold worldwide had embedded connectivity and forecasts predict around 200 million internet-connected vehicles within …


AppCarousel exhibiting with GENIVI at CES 2016

James MacTavish Blog

AppCarousel, a first tier member of GENIVI, is exhibiting at the GENIVI CES 2016 Demonstration Showcase and Reception alongside CES in Las Vegas on the evenings of January 6th and 7th 2016. The event is focused on showcasing the latest in In-Vehicle Infotainment solutions that work with GENIVI, and AppCarousel will be showcasing its cloud data and app platform as …