GoPro's transition from hardware to software

When Having An Incredible Product Isn’t Enough: GoPro’s Transition From Hardware To A Software Company

James MacTavish Blog

When GoPro launched in 2002, the company quickly captured the interest and money of adventurers and extreme sports junkies looking to capture their great moments on a durable, rugged action camera. While the company’s initial launch product was a camera strap allowing users to strap a camera on themselves, it wasn’t until 2006 that the company finally launch the GoPro …

AppCarousel article in CIO Magazine

AppCarousel featured in CIO Magazine: The Defense Industry – A Microcosm of the Burgeoning App Economy

Terry Hughes Blog

Several companies are heeding the call to create apps for niche markets in the military, and with more government agencies allowing funds to go toward the creation and adoption of the apps, it’s only a matter of time before all of our soldiers are connected. There are, however, some skeptics who think the last thing soldiers need is the distraction …

connected cars at night

AppCarousel and Jaguar Land Rover present at IoT West conference in Las Vegas

Emanuel Bertolin Blog

On Nov.6, Emanuel Bertolin from AppCarousel is presenting a paper at IoT West in Las Vegas on the Rise of Niche App Ecosystem – Discovery and Security for the Connected Car. AppCarousel is the provider of Jaguar Land Rover’s cloud app platform delivering infotainment to Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles so the two companies will be explaining how they work together to …

educational apps on tablets

How the App Economy is a game changer in Education

Terry Hughes Blog

As new technology transpires through the years, each generation has and continues to become more advanced than the last. Smartphone’s today have revolutionized learning for countless K-12 students. With endless knowledge and resources available at their fingertips, students are able to access what is essentially a second brain at all times. However this accessibility does not necessarily translate into productivity …

Connected Car

What’s holding back the connected car?

Colin Chong Blog 0 Comments

For the past few years automakers have been promising time and time again that their infotainment screens will finally match the ease and functionality of typical iOS and Android phones. Time and time again though, consumers begin to realize the infotainment units in their brand new vehicles are far from perfect. A 2014 survey conducted by Consumer Reports highlighted that …

apple app store

What happens when the app store breaks?

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Earlier last month, Venture Beat reported that Apple’s App Store suffered from a merchandising bug that dramatically altered the listing of apps within the games section. Although the main page of the App Store seemed fine, browsing into the games subcategories presented lists in numerical and alphabetical order as opposed to rankings based off the merits of ratings and downloads. Making matters …


Walled Gardens are back in fashion for all the right reasons

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The novel “The Secret Garden” involved a young girl discovering a walled Victorian garden where everything was safe and rosy. In the mobile industry and the app economy the “walled garden” has become synonymous with closed markets, protectionism and control. While this perception may exist, we argue that walled gardens are coming back in fashion and that an open app …

variety of smart phones

AppCarousel featured in App Developer Magazine

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Terry Hughes, AppCarousel’s Managing Director, was asked to contribute an article in App Developer magazine on app discovery and app showcases. Here it is: In monetization of the app economy, the currency is “discovery” According to recent reports, the battle between Apple and Google to secure the latest and greatest apps is heating up as they offer developers prime placement …