cisco acquisition of jasper

Why Cisco and Jasper’s Union Matters to IoT

James MacTavish Blog

Just last week one of the biggest acquisitions in the Internet of Things space took place when Cisco snatched up IoT lifecycle management solution provider, Jasper. The tech world is buzzing over the news and rightly so because here are the Top 5 reasons why this acquisition matters! 1) Jasper became a rare unicorn by actually meeting investor valuations with …

Cisco acquires Jasper for IoT

Cisco and Jasper – the lowdown on the IoT acquisition

Terry Hughes Blog

In a $1.4 Billion deal, last week Cisco acquired Jasper Technologies. What’s the skinny on the deal? Here goes… Jasper provides a platform to build connected devices on and deliver them to the market much more quickly and with less friction. Jasper is described as “Developers of an IoT cloud platform” so with Jasper, Cisco gets a company that understands the growing …