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Why consumers are not embracing the smart home

Elliot Tucker Blog

The Smart Home industry has been buzzing with potential these past few years with many analysts giving the industry a valuation of in the hundreds of billions by 2025. This has created a buzz of innovation from start-ups and established consumer electronics companies, as well as businesses with no prior interest in devices, sensors, or services for the home. So …

Ten Key Takeaways from the Vodafone IoT Barometer 2016

Ten key takeaways from the Vodafone IoT Barometer 2016 Report

James MacTavish Blog

Terry Hughes Head of Sales at AppDirect’s IoT and Connected Car division, analyzes the annual IoT Barometer Report from Vodafone and outlines the Top Ten Key Facts highlighting the growth and health of IoT. To read the full article, please go to To read Vodafone’s report please go to

AppCarousel and Mobica Partner in Connected Devices

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Partnership offers turnkey app solutions and services to the Connected Car, Internet of Things and Smart Device markets Calgary, Canada; Wilmslow UK – February 9th, 2016 AppCarousel, the leading provider of app platforms for connected devices, and Mobica, the leading provider of software engineering, testing and development services, have announced a strategic partnership leveraging each other’s expertise to offer end-to-end app and software …

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The battle to become the center of your connected home – insights from CES

Terry Hughes Blog

When we think about the connected home of tomorrow we assume that Google will be right there in the center with its OnHub smart WiFi router and its Nest intelligent thermostat. Or maybe Apple with its HomeKit initiative. But the battle for control of the smart home has only just begun, as evidenced at CES last week. From out in …

IOT West Conference Takeways

IoT – Are we in an early market or have we already been there for a long time?

Emanuel Bertolin Blog

Last week I attended the IoT West Conference where I presented a paper around the app management work we are doing with Jaguar Land Rover. As with any conference I attend, I always find myself walking away with some insights, IoT West was no exception. The conference hosted a wide cross section of industry verticals – from connected car which …

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AppCarousel and Jaguar Land Rover present at IoT West conference in Las Vegas

Emanuel Bertolin Blog

On Nov.6, Emanuel Bertolin from AppCarousel is presenting a paper at IoT West in Las Vegas on the Rise of Niche App Ecosystem – Discovery and Security for the Connected Car. AppCarousel is the provider of Jaguar Land Rover’s cloud app platform delivering infotainment to Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles so the two companies will be explaining how they work together to …


What you might have missed at CES 2015

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The CES tradeshow is one of the world’s largest annual innovation tradeshow events, parading new tech, directions for companies, and trends that are defining markets each year. Stunningly, CES has a show floor larger than 393 basketball courts that showcases the launch of over 20,000 products on average. It’s nearly impossible to catch every exciting announcement or new tech on …

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AppCarousel and iWedia partner for Android STBs

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APPCAROUSEL AND IWEDIA PARTNER TO FACILITATE THE ACCESS TO CUSTOM APP STORES FROM ANDROID TV STBS BY INTEGRATING THEIR APP STORES AND STB SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Lausanne, Switzerland — Sept. 11, 2014 — iWedia today announced that it is partnering with AppCarousel and plans to integrate its Teatro-3.5 software solution for Android TV STB with the app store platforms and solutions provided …

AppCarousel and iWedia Partner

James MacTavish News, Press Releases

Lausanne, Switzerland — Sept. 11, 2014 — iWedia today announced that it is partnering with AppCarousel and plans to integrate its Teatro-3.5 software solution for Android TV STB with the app store platforms and solutions provided by AppCarousel, the leader in app ecosystem management. AppCarousel’s custom app store platform and white labeled app store solution allow device manufacturers, service providers and …

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AppCarousel featured in App Developer Magazine

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Terry Hughes, AppCarousel’s Managing Director, was asked to contribute an article in App Developer magazine on app discovery and app showcases. Here it is: In monetization of the app economy, the currency is “discovery” According to recent reports, the battle between Apple and Google to secure the latest and greatest apps is heating up as they offer developers prime placement …